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  • English Garden

    The Most Beautiful City Parks In Europe

    When the burning heat takes over the cities during the summertime, people love the parks and green spaces for resting because they are amazing places to enjoy this time of the year. Many European cities have beautiful parks and many of them are located in the center, so it is […]

  • Safety in the Big Bend National Park of Texas

    When visiting any of the national parks in Texas you should always be thinking of safety. Safety for the other people using the park and also safety for the animals. And of course, the safety of your own party. We focus primarily on the Big Bend National Park in Texas […]

  • Plants and Shrubs Native to Texas

    If you love the national parks of Texas, both inner city and in the remote countryside, you probably realize that they are quite unique to any other parks in America. This is because Texas is lucky to have a plethora of indigenous plants and shrubs that add a special beauty […]

  • The Best Green Spaces in Dallas

    Home of the American oil industry and filled with swanky skyscrapers, Dallas is often considered the concrete jungle of Texas. Many oil industry headquarters are situated in the towering office blocks, and to help the resident’s part with all this money, there are numerous gigantic shopping malls located all over […]

  • Incredible animals that live in US National Parks

    Let’s take a look at magnificent creatures that live in parks and where to find them. Animals are protected as well as the land, which means they can live peacefully in their natural habitat. Without this protection, some species already might be extinct. Moose This beast is considered one of […]

  • Yellowstone – the world’s oldest national park

    Yellowstone is, for the most part, the world’s oldest national park, located in the US state of Wyoming and partly in the Idaho and Montana, covering an area of ​​8,983 square kilometers. The National Park was founded by the US Congress, and President Grant signed the Bill on the Yellowstone […]

  • Parks in Austin – Part 1

    Austin has some of the best public parks in the whole of Texas, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has a mission to inspire the people of Austin to take part in recreation, play and learn to protect their environment through diverse programs and educational experiences; all so that the […]

  • The Great Lake Parks in USA

    There are actually seventeen national parks in the USA part of the Great Lakes and in this blog, we take a peek at one or two of the most outstanding. Our journey takes us from Michigan to Wisconsin and Minnesota to Ohio, on our travels we will see fantastic natural […]