Author: Michael

  • Great Parks of North America – Part 4

    This is the fourth and concluding part of our fantastic journey across the United States of America to find the best national parks that exist in this wonderfully diverse country. Our journey started in California in the Sequoia Park and has continued up mountains, across vast plains and clambered up […]

  • Great Parks of North America – Part 3

    Trying to discover the best national parks in America takes us to all corners of this very diverse country. From the vast plains, to the mountains, across deserts and down to the seas, it highlights the variety of people that inhabit this great nation, immigrants from other lands and indigenous […]

  • Great Parks of North America – Part 2

    Riding out of the Badlands, it is now time to head off to Colorado state and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Later on, we will cross over to Washington and Utah to see what is going on there in the way of landscape and vegetation. Rocky Mountain Park – Colorado […]

  • Great Parks of North America – Part 1

    North America has some stunning national parks, from the mountains to the oceans there is something for absolutely everybody. This blog will be an expansive journey to search for the most visited national parks in America, the journey will take us to deserts, mountains, wilderness, everglades plus an active volcano. […]

  • The Best National Parks of America – Part 4

    After the wild extremes of Death Valley and Joshua Tree park, we resume our trek to experience the great national parks of America by visiting the Great Smoky Mountains and then traveling to Utah to see the remarkable rock formations in Arches park. Great Smoky Mountains Park – Tennessee / […]

  • The Best National Parks of America – Part 3

    In part three of the best national parks of America we will venture into the ominously named Death Valley and visit the historic Shenandoah Valley which was instrumental in the political struggle between the North and South. Death Valley – California & Nevada Death Valley is a land of extremes, […]

  • The Best National Parks of America – Part 2

    We continue on our journey across America to discover some of the most loved national parks. We explore mountains, wetlands, deserts and everything that the US has to offer. Mother nature will throw up fantastic geological treats along the way, as well as some fantastic flora and fauna to experience. […]

  • The Best National Parks of America – Part 1

    For many people living in crowded cities, the national parks of America are an essential part of letting citizens get back to nature – to understand nature’s ying to the big city living yang, and to let one recharge their batteries and take a step back from the rat race. […]

  • Parks in Texas – Part 1

    The Lone Star state is one of the biggest land masses in the USA, just under 450,000 square miles of spectacular and vast landscape that is home to over one hundred state and national parks, some desert-like and some amazingly similar to the Grand Canyon. Palo Duro Canyon Palo Duro […]