Best Parks to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is an internationally-known city that is well known for its nightlife, gambling, fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful parks
Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful parks

The Las Vegas Valley serves as the leading financial, commercial, and cultural center for Nevada. If you drive not too far from the infamous Strip, you will see a different side of Las Vegas. You will see tree-lined streets, beautiful parks, and a surprising amount of natural beauty. This part of Vegas is a nice change from all of the city lights, sand, and partying. If you are looking to visit a Las Vegas park, there are several amazing ones for you to choose from. Here are the best parks in Vegas.

Sunset Park

This 300-acre park packs something for everyone. On the weekends, you will find families picnicking, grilling, and playing outdoor games. You will find sports teams competing on the softball or soccer fields, and friends chasing one another or playing on the golf course. This park is pet friendly, as there is a nice size dog park and you can also find folks fishing in the small pond that’s nearby. Sunset Park also has sand volleyball and tennis courts, five playgrounds, a splash pad, and several miles of trails to walk or bike. Sunset Park has repeatedly won awards, such as the Reader’s’ Choice Award for the Best Park in the Las Vegas Review for the last five years. There is something for everyone to do at this popular destination and you could never get bored.

Desert Breeze Park

This westside Vegas Park is every sports fan’s dream. Desert Breeze park has facilities for nearly every athletic activity that you can think of, from soccer, baseball, and football to hockey. There is a baseball, softball, and football field, an indoor and outdoor basketball court, as well as a roller hockey rink. This park also houses a swimming pool at the affiliated recreation center. There’s a skatepark where you can find plenty of local kids working on their tricks and grinds, as well as fitness center. Desert Breeze also is home to a dog park, children’s play area, and plenty of picnic areas that encourage families to barbecue and get together. This park is the host for many events, including the annual Bite of Las Vegas festival. Many locals and tourists frequent this park on the regular.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve is smack dead in the middle of Las Vegas. Its 110 acres are equal parts natural retreat and educational experience. The Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor events, an interpretive trail system, a playground, a gift shop, and more. Guests can check out live gila monsters and gray foxes, learn about flash flooding and stroll through the beautiful botanical garden and butterfly habitat. The park also includes the site of the Las Vegas Spring, its namesake and the city’s original water source.

Springs Preserve is beautiful and serene
Springs Preserve is beautiful and serene

The Park

The Park is sandwiched between casinos, the Strip, and the T-Mobile Arena. This popular spot for pedestrians includes desert plants, local sandstone, mature trees and art installations that include Bliss Dance, a 40-foot sculpture lit by almost 3,000 LED lights. This beautiful piece of Vegas’ design was inspired by urban parks and gardens. The Park is a nice break from ringing casino slots, but it is a great place for a night out on the town, with a lineup of casual restaurants, lively music, and monthly painting events.

Exploration Peak and Exploration Park

This park is sure to please everyone in the family. For the adults, there is a 2,800 foot peak criss-crossed by trails with panoramic views of Las Vegas at the main top. For the children, there’s the Exploration Park that has several playgrounds and a water area that was created in honor of an Old West town where the kids can play pioneer as they splash water, climb, and slide. For everyone, there’s Gelatology gelato shop nearby where a cone of something cool and creamy is just what you need after spending several hours on the mountain. This is a wonderful place for families to go and spend the day.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas may be a gambler’s paradise and known as the entertainment capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find quiet, peace, and serene while visiting the city. Any one of these great parks make for a beautiful day outside in Vegas. Of course, if you’re like me, you’re not going to want to do anything else while visiting Vegas than indulge in the casino nightlife. I love nothing more than playing slots or rummy with a cold drink in hand, and I can still enjoy the best of both worlds by playing via mobile while enjoying family and friends at any of these Vegas parks!