Great Parks of North America – Part 3

Trying to discover the best national parks in America takes us to all corners of this very diverse country. From the vast plains, to the mountains, across deserts and down to the seas, it highlights the variety of people that inhabit this great nation, immigrants from other lands and indigenous peoples that have all chosen their own place to live for whatever reason. The national parks give us an indication why settlers made home in such desolate places and the world that went on before they arrived. In this blog we travel to the vast plains and mountains of Wyoming and the coastal areas of Maine.

Arcadia Park – Maine

Arcadia Park is by far the largest tourist attraction in Maine and is the oldest national park east of the grand old Mississippi river. It is easy to see why Arcadia is a tourist haven as it is one of the most beautiful parts of America. The coastal views of Frenchman Bay, Some Sound, Bar Harbor and Porcupine Islands are as good as it gets in terms of beautiful vistas. The park is to be found on the exotically named Mount Desert Islands and is perfect for families as it has over one hundred and twenty-five miles of trails, with ample camping spots for everybody.

Grand Teton Park – Wyoming

Everything about this national park is on a grand scale, predominately the massive peaks of the giant Teton mountain range which is the main symbol of this park. The thirteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-five Grand Teton mountains dwarf all around it. Covered in glaciers and tranquil lakes, this is certainly a stunningly beautiful part of America. So much so that over three million people each year visit Grand Teton Park with the intention to hike up the mountain or see Jackson Hole . There are many things to do and see in this marvelous park: try fishing in one of the picturesque lakes for cutthroat trout or take a kayak, or perhaps a canoe, and tour the coastline.

Glacier Park – Montana

One of the most northerly national parks in North America is Glacier Park which stretches all the way from Alberta to British Columbia. This granddaddy of national parks covers an area over a million acres of both the United States and Canada.

It does not take too much imagination to understand why the park got its name. All the towering mountains and beautiful lakes were formed by glaciers and the combination of it all is spine-chillingly beautiful; it literally takes your breath away. Twenty-five glaciers are still active in the park, which offers superb leisure and photographic opportunities for anybody who is prepared to take the time out and visit. On clear days, the mountains are mirrored in the crystal-clear waters of the lakes, and if you take a boat out on the tranquil waters you could perhaps even be in haven.

In part four of our epic journey we conclude our incredible trek across America to visit the last great parks on our list.