Great Parks of North America – Part 4

This is the fourth and concluding part of our fantastic journey across the United States of America to find the best national parks that exist in this wonderfully diverse country. Our journey started in California in the Sequoia Park and has continued up mountains, across vast plains and clambered up glaciers. It has seen the tallest trees on the planet and even visited deserts. Now it is time for the last leg of our exhaustive journey, but this time we go to the Zion National Park

Zion Park – Utah

Zion National Park is one big fifteen-mile-long canyon that is smack in the middle of a crossroads where three great natural phenomena converge. The Great Basin, Mojave Desert and the Colorado Plateau all come together in the Zion park. What all this means is that you are in for a hell of a mix up of topological and geological features. There are hot sprawling deserts and tropical waterfalls all in one melting pot of a national park. On top of all this there is so much diverse wildlife in the park that would never normally cohabitate. If you fancy a visit to this part of Utah, be prepared for desert temperatures and conditions, though the park does provide an air-conditioned bus for visitors that will take you around most of the best tourist attraction without taxing you too much.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

It is probably right and proper that we saved the biggest and best for last. The Grand Canyon is the most famous canyon on the planet and has been featured in so many films it should be classed as a movie star. And just like with a movie star, you will mostly like have to suffer many adoring fans clamoring to see it. This geological superstar is more than just a giant big hole in the ground; it will take days to properly discover the Grand Canyon, so be prepared to devote some of your precious time to this icon in Arizona.

Millions of years of erosion formed the canyon which can boast having unique combinations of rock formations and colors that entrances the visitor. The sheer size of the Grand Canyon is mind blowing and it is continually being eroded today by the great Colorado river flowing through it. The figures are staggering, it is two hundred and seventy-seven miles long, as the river goes, and at some parts is a colossal eighteen miles wide and up to a mile deep.

The south rim of the canyon is open to the public all year around, but the north rim is generally closed during the winter. One of the best vantage places is the Skywalk Observation Deck, especially if you are short of time. A great excursion is with a guide and is a two-day trek to the very bottom of the canyon, be prepared to stock up on fluids because you will definitely need them. Another great activity is take a raft trip on the swift flowing Colorado, definitely a bucket list moment.

So, as we paddle down the great Colorado river off into the sunset, we conclude our fantastic journey around the United States and North America, its we leave the great national parks and its awesome landscapes behind.