Parks in Austin – Part 1

Austin has some of the best public parks in the whole of Texas, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has a mission to inspire the people of Austin to take part in recreation, play and learn to protect their environment through diverse programs and educational experiences; all so that the public understands how to sustain natural spaces and cherished public places. In this blog we take a look at some of the best parks that can be found in Austin and surrounding areas.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

One of the best known metropolitan parks in downtown Austin is Zilker. Commanding a great view of Lady Bird Lake, it is perfectly situated for locals and visitors to take time out from the city and all its attractions. Zilker has an amazing number of acres – three hundred and fifty – that everybody can explore and enjoy; as well as many activities such as kayaking and jogging, there are glorious gardens, trails, natural springs and a plethora of amenities. Zilker Park is widely regarded as the jewel in the heart of Austin and it is easy to see why, with a host of waterfalls, pools, streams and manicured gardens.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Situated in the northwest of Austin the park sits alongside the shores of Lake Austin and enjoys splendid views of the lake. The park is named after Emma Long who was a dedicated Austin City Council member, and the first woman to actually sit on the council of any large city in the state of Texas. There are many endearing features of this wonderful park, including the docks, piers and boathouses that are on the lake.

Pease District Park

Another urban park and another delight, Pease District Park is part of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt and allows citizens of Austin to enjoy their leisure time. The park houses numerous activity zones which include volleyball courts, baseball courts, wading pools, plenty of barbeque pits, a splash pad and many playgrounds for the kids. Pease District Park enables the people of Austin to take walks in the fresh air, go jogging or simply sit and take it the day in the shade of the trees.

Bull Creek Park

One of the newest parks in Austin, it was opened only in 1971 and took its name from the stream that passes through it (the spring of water is the reason why the park was commissioned in the first place). Bull Creek is an ideal place for those who love the water based activities, such as swimming, fishing or kayaking.

The small fifty-acre park has some wonderful green areas, but also has some modern amenities such as a volleyball court, a basketball court and a large multipurpose field to enjoy all outdoor activities. There are even limestone ridges that many climbers can take advantage of for their rock climbing activities. And dog lovers can delight in a large off-leash facility so that their favorite pets can run around without being restrained.

These are just some of the great parks and recreation facilities that are in the center of Austin, Texas. They give the urban dwellers and visitors to the city a chance to get out in the open air and take healthy exercise, as well as provide a place for families to relax together and picnic in the greenery and natural beauty of the parks.