The Best National Parks of America – Part 2

We continue on our journey across America to discover some of the most loved national parks. We explore mountains, wetlands, deserts and everything that the US has to offer. Mother nature will throw up fantastic geological treats along the way, as well as some fantastic flora and fauna to experience. We begin our second journey of discovery in Arizona.

Saguaro Park – Arizona

Arizona is home to giant cacti that feature prominently in the Warner Brother cartoons starring Wil E. Coyote. The cacti are actually named Saguaro and take place of pride in this amazing park that envelopes the Arizona city of Tucson. The park was created to preserve these giant prickly plants, and they are laid sporadically out on hilly terrain that many hikers find irresistible. The terrain of the Saguaro national park is tough for the most competent of hikers, as even a short trek into the wilderness can see you climb to five thousand feet. If you wish for a little easier way of seeing the park, a leisurely drive will deliver some of the best Arizona landscapes that the state has to offer.

Cuyahoga Valley Park – Ohio

Quite a controversial park as it is also home to a large toxic dump site, but that fact does not seem to deter visitors as there are over thirty thousand acres to explore at Cuyahoga Valley. This large park boasts caves, waterfalls, fast flowing rivers and the Erie Canal which is ideal for all types of leisure activities including horse riding, biking and kayaking.

The Everglades – Florida

The Everglades is home to some of the most diverse animal and plant life in the whole of the United States. The Everglades is actually one of America’s largest metropolitan areas, but things were quite different once, it mostly used to be a river of grass crawling with alligators. The dark waters were difficult to navigate through, thick with mangroves and tall sawgrass. Only intrepid explorers dared to venture into the Everglades, but now they are a shadow of their past glory and lie just west of Miami. Today, although sizably reduced, they still are inhospitable and home to the most diverse ecosystem of any part of the U.S.

There is actually now a city named after the Everglades in which you can get aboard an airboat to take you into the thick of it all. There you can fully experience what the glades are all about, the frustrating awkwardness of it all as well as the rich variation of wildlife that live there. If you are lucky whilst you are in the largest subtropical wilderness in North America, you may spot the alligator, manatee, heron and the elusive Florida panther. The glades are unique and magnificent, not just an American treasure but an international one.

We continue our journey through the great national parks of America in part three when we go to Virginia and Nevada to see the great Shenandoah national park, as well as experiencing the awesome Death Valley. So, grab your hiking boots and come on another venture to explore the wilderness and sheer beauty of America.