The Great Lake Parks in USA

There are actually seventeen national parks in the USA part of the Great Lakes and in this blog, we take a peek at one or two of the most outstanding. Our journey takes us from Michigan to Wisconsin and Minnesota to Ohio, on our travels we will see fantastic natural landscapes that will thrill and excite.

Pictured Rocks

If you love natural rock formations, then head to Michigan and visit Pictured Rocks. On the shoreline of Lake Superior are rugged limestone cliffs, superb beaches, sand dunes, forests and waterfalls all in one national park named Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Many visitors travel to this wonderful park for fantastic outdoor activities as well as camping, hiking and watersports. The shore of Lake Superior hugs almost 40 miles on the coast of Michigan and this fabulous national park has almost anything to offer the visitor.

Apostle Islands

If you like solitude and desolation, then the Apostle Islands National Park in Wisconsin is just for you. This amazing place offers windswept beaches and staggering cliffs. Any visitor taking the time out to visit Apostle Islands can journey back to where the past meets the present. The huge expanse of water on Lake Superior twinkles with the beams of light from numerous lighthouses, and in the distance over twenty islands can be seen. Obviously in this exciting water world many people take advantage of the water and kayak, sail, or cruise out to the isles.


Situated in the very heart of North America is Minnesota and the great Voyageurs National Park. This ancient landscape is as old as the world itself and visitors can experience the life of a true voyager. There is a superb boreal forest that you can fully immerse yourself within or take to a kayak to navigate around the many interconnected water routes.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

There were three exceptional men that left their mark on Ohio, Paul Dunbar, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. These pioneers achieved great successes but along the way there were massive failures that all three had to overcome. The park is in recognition of the accomplishments of these men and the legacies they left. Many visitors take the opportunity to visit the Wright Memorial in Dayton which is a remarkable pink granite obelisk. There are an amazing eight national parks in this wonderful part of America.

Lincoln Home

One of the men that shaped the history of America is without doubt Abraham Lincoln, and his old home in Illinois is open to the public in recognition of the great man’s achievements. Lincoln firmly believed that the people of America should all have the equal opportunity to improve themselves both socially and economically.

As well as being the sixteenth president of the USA, he was also a devoted husband and father. As a family man he shared the same hopes and dreams as every American citizen, and so was able to understand the challenges and aspirations of the common man. These are just some of the great parks to visit around the Great Lakes of the USA, why not go there and explore even more.