The World’s Most Beautiful City Parks – Part 3

The concluding part of our blog that had us travel around the world to find out the most beautiful city parks so far has unearthed some fantastic places. And we continue to go on with our epic journey by visiting New York City and taking a breath of fresh air in Central Park.

Central Park – New York

Possibly the most well-known city park in the world, New York’s Central Park is a movie star. It has appeared in so many Hollywood films that it is known better than the actors that starred in them. The park is also as famous as the iconic buildings and skyscrapers that surround it, and it provides a refuge from the chaotic streets of New York City. Central Park has nearly everything you could possibly want from an inner-city park, there are enchanting paths and walkways, open meadows where you can enjoy sports and picnics, great architecture and peaceful lakes. You can stop by Strawberry Fields which is a floral tribute to the late John Lennon who was gunned down just outside the park. Or, like many tourists, visit the famous Bethesda Fountain.

Balboa Park – San Diego

Balboa Park is one of the world’s most ornate city parks. It is like stepping into the enchanted world of a storybook as the building and architecture are simply stunning. Numerous fountains standing in demure courtyards typify this park. Visitors can see a desert landscape or a perfectly well-tended Rose Garden, there are so many choices to pick from. There is also a stupendous two hundred foot tower, the California Building, with the main feature of a majestic blue dome which houses a carillon bell that chimes each hour.

Hibiya Park – Tokyo

The first park that we have featured in Asia is in Tokyo, and Hibiya Park is a perfect green oasis in such as modern technological city. The park was once the grounds of an ancient palace that was home to a feudal lord, but now has been totally reformed. It currently represents a bustling cultural center for the residents of Tokyo and a place that offers a chance to step back from modern life. There are numerous open-air concert areas that people can enjoy artistic and musical performances. And a Japanese park would not be complete without flowering blooms, so expect cherry blossom trees and flourishing rose bushes.

Parc Guell – Barcelona

Not many urban parks can claim to be designed by a world-famous artist and architect, but Parc Guell in Barcelona was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It features amazing architecture displaying vibrant colors and fantastic city views.

Many features are in the Art Nouveau style, such as the enchanting gingerbread gatehouses that stand as guardians of the entrance to the park. Make your way to the fun serpentine bench that snakes around to encircle the park’s main square. Or take a trip to the top of the hill and look out over a stupendous vista of the bay beyond. We leave our world tour of the best urban parks on the planet in Barcelona, looking out on the shimmering water of the bay.